The Day Of Sufism

18 Zilhijja 10 hijri / (10 march) is the day of the The Day Of Sufism in this period prophecy (nabuwat) endding was being signaled and the guardianship (wilayat) was being announced to guide the world. Order of the Lord, O Messenger of Allah which has been sent down to you from your Lord, and Remember, if you do not do so, then you have not fulfilled the message of Allah and Allah Almighty will save you from the people. Indeed, Allah Almighty does not guide the people. Who reject faith According to this command of Allah, the Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa s.w.a placed the crown of Wilayat on the head of Hazrat Ali (as) in the presence of one lakh and twenty five thousand Companions and said: Whoever accepts me as a leader (maula) ali is his leader (maula) too (Man kunto maula fa haza ali un maula).

This is what the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said in his historic sermon on the occasion of the farewell of the hajj (Hajjat ul vida) "I am leaving you amoung two things if you hold on to them So do not go astray at all. One is the Holy Qur'an, and the other is my Ahlul bayt Family (aale nabi aulad e ali). In the same way that Hazrat Muhammad s.w.a is also known as Sayyid Al-Anbiya, so is Hazrat Ali Sayyid Al-Awliya. For this reason, this day is also called Sufi Day. Hazrat Ali, is the cause of all the saints and saints who have passed away in the world or who will be born in the future. The twelth generation of Hazrat Ali (AS) in India are the Sufi chief, Syed khawaja Moinuddin hassan chishty (R.A) also known as garib nawaz who laid the foundation of Chishty order (silsila) in the subcontinent. Hazrat Khawaja Usman Haruni R.A. peer o murshid (guardian) of garib nawaz informed that Moinuddin you should join hands with our dearest disciple and caliph. Syed Fakhr-ud-Din Gardezi was the half-brother of Hazrat Garib Nawaz as well as his cousin. .

That is why Khawaja Sahib in under the order of his Peer o Murshid Khawaja Syed Moinuddin Chishty r.a gave the status of his khadim-e-khaas to syed khawaja fakaruddin gardezi r.a. We Khudam-e-Khawaja are Descendant of syed fakaruddin gardezi r.a who are known all over the world as Khudam-e-Garib Nawaz and have been engaged in the khizmat of Garib Nawaz from 800 years. There is a detailed discussion on the mention of our ancestor Khawaja Syed Fakhruddin Gardezi which will be mentioned separately. Garib Nawaz arrived in Ajmer Sharif in 590 AH and in a period of 40 years he made about lakhs of people living in India his own by swearing allegiance to them. It was a sign of your spiritual power that the world would change if he looked at it. Garib Nawaz stayed in ajmer Sharif and sent hundreds of his caliphs to different parts of the country to spread the chishtya order so that they could spread the message of national unity and brotherhood in the world. Through Qutb Sahib, Baba Farid and Sabir Paak sufi Aziz Mian, sufi Munne Mian and sufi Javed mian our family also benefited on 14th June. On one auspicious day, I shah sufi syed yasir hussain gurdezi along with my two sons Shah Sufi Syed Ali Dujana Gurdezi, Shah Sufi Syed Ghous Ghaznavi Gurdezi and my wife and daughter, after receiving the blessing (getting murid) of my spiritual mentor Huzoor Badrul Aulia Hazrat Khawaja Sufi Javed Hussain Shah (Qibla) laid the foundation of Chishtya Sufi Mission, On this occasion, "Chishtya Sufi Day" is celebrated in Darbar Sharif on 14th June every year. The main purpose of this Chishtya Sufi mission is to spread the Chishtya chain. You gentlemen, find your own way, swear allegiance to them, achieve your goal and avoid confusion. They will be free from evil whispers when they pass away on one day. InshaAllah, the footsteps of Tareeqah will be in your hands even in the Day of Judgment. Therefore, you are requested to advance the objectives of the Chishtya sufi Mission so that as many people as possible are guided. Follow the numbers given by me for any work related to Darbar Sharif.